This page will soon be active again.  At the moment, I am in the process of moving my old page, The OYL, to this new location.  It will take time to transfer the older content, and some of it will eventually be posted on my other blogs, but it will be kept available for anyone who might be looking for it.  Once I get going, I plan to use this page to share my understandings of Scripture and how I try to live it in my daily life.  I’ll make no attempt to proselytize or convert anyone, nor will I bother to engage in denominational squabbles.  Scripture teaches that we are not to do such things, and I am trying to live according to the Word, and not my own desires.  But I have been shown that my job in the Body of Christ is to teach the believers, and not just any believers, but those who have at least left milk for bread.  I am dangerous for those believers still on milk, so, please, I beg you, if that is you, do not read this page until you have the basic doctrine of Christ’s true Gospel thoroughly understood and cemented firmly in place.  If you have that, then I hope you’ll make The Oil for Your Lamp a regular stop in your Internet reading, as I may find a thing or two about how we see Scripture that might just push you to grow in your understanding.

For those who are interested, I will be blogging about Natural Law and Natural Rights (i.e. Romans 1-2) on The Road to Concord, and about history, politics and current events through a Scriptural lens on As Through Glass.


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