IN THE NEWS: The Real Agenda Behind the American Left’s New Found Religion and the Children of the Illegal Alien Invasion of America


Apparently, the American Left has found religion over the children caught up in the political issues surrounding the illegal alien invasion of America.  Everywhere we look in ‘the media,’ we are starting to find people telling us how God’s Word supports the open embrace of these illegal invaders, and that the President’s treatment of these illegals — especially the children — is ‘anti-Christ.’  If you are a believer, you must reject these voices.  It is they who are speaking for and doing the work of Satan, and the Scriptures make this clear.  They key is knowing what Scripture says about such matters, which — apparently — these new ‘converts’ do not.

First, it was God who established the nations and their boundaries.  He did this at the Tower of Babel.  If a nation is to be a nation, it must have borders.  A border cannot simply be ignored.  This is…

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