BLASPHEMY: Did Maxine Waters Commit Blasphemy over the Illegal Immigration Issue?

Recently, Democrat Congressmen, Maxine Waters, called for Democrats to harass members of the Trump Administration, telling them that they are no longer welcome — anywhere.  She even went so far as to declare that “God is on our side!”  If you are a believer, let me make this as clear as I can:

Maxine Waters is acting in rebellion to God’s Word and God’s Laws!

If you work against God, then God is not on your side, Satan is!  And yes, I am saying that Maxine Waters and the people she represents are working on the side of Satan.  What’s more, I can say this with absolute certainty.  I can be certain because I know Scripture.  Because I know Scripture, I know that God is not ‘on our side.’  God is on no one’s side but His own.  It is we who must decide whether we will get ourselves on God’s side by obeying His commands, or whether we will be on Satan’s side by rebelling against His commands.  Therefore, when I look at the fruit of what Maxine Waters and her supporters have done, I clearly see that they are working against God’s commands.  This is sin, and Scripture says that the person who practices sin is of Satan, not God.  This is how I know Maxine Waters is not on God’s side.

In case the reader does not understand what I mean by the ‘fruit’ of Maxine Waters and her supporters, let me list a few examples:

First illegal aliens!  God divided Man at Babel.  It was at this time that God created the nations.  A nation requires borders, which means God created borders.  God’s Word says God hates those who move boundary stones.  In ancient times, boundary stones marked borders.  This means that any and all political movements that seek to remove borders goes against God’s Word.  This means it is lawless, and lawlessness is sin.  Therefore, those who are pushing for an ‘open border’ are working against God!  If you are working against God’s Word, then you are not of God, but of Satan — period!

Second, compassion for the illegal aliens.  God’s Word teaches us to have compassion for those in need.  But it also teaches us that we are to obey the law, and that no one is to be rewarded for breaking the law.  This means that, while we should feed and provide immediate first aid for illegal aliens, we have no requirement to do anything more for them.  This is because they are breaking the laws of this nation.  If we were to allow them to stay here, we would be rewarding them for breaking the law, for being lawless, for sinning.  This would mean we would be violating God’s Word.  In fact, we can’t even hear claims for asylum from such people because they have not gone through the established process.  To hear such claims would also be a violation of God’s Word.  Therefore, the only option for God-fearing people is to provide for the immediate physical needs of these illegal aliens, but then, to return them from whence they came.  God calls this ‘agape’ love.  Many of us think of it as ‘tough’ love.  But it is — in fact — a high-level love.  This is because we are doing what is best for them in the eternal sense, and not just what is easiest in the here-and-now.

Third, calling for the harassment of others.  God’s Word teaches us to submit ourselves to our leaders and their laws.  This does not necessarily mean we must obey man-made laws if we believe they violate God’s Law.  In act, we have a duty to God to disobey such man-made laws.  However, it does mean we must peacefully accept the consequences of submitting to man’s laws.  The best example of this is Paul.  He was jailed because he obeyed God and not Caesar, but he did not resist his arrest.  Another example would be the believers who went willingly to the lions.  They did not obey Man’s unjust laws, but neither did they resist the consequences.  In the case of President Trump and his Administration: Scripture teaches that God has placed them in power.  Our Man-made laws also say that Trump was fairly and legally elected.  Therefore, all believers are bound to recognize Trump’s authority and act accordingly.  Calling for people to disrupt and even attack an authority which God put in place is the same as attacking God, Himself.  If you are attacking God, then you are not on God’s side, you are standing with Satan.

I could keep listing ‘fruit’ that demonstrates that Maxine Waters and her supporters are standing with Satan, not God.  The next most obvious would be their support for abortion, and then welfare (which is actually slavery and theft).  In fact, the focus these people place on government may actually be blasphemous, because it teaches people to place their trust in government and not God.  Either way, the point should be painfully clear: Maxine Waters is not standing with God or God’s Word.  In fact, she is standing in rebellion to God!


If you are looking for a good, Christian perspective on the illegal immigration issue, I strongly recommend you read this pdf.:

What the Bible Says About Our Illegal Immigration Problem.


[NOTE: I believe that Maxine Waters has committed blasphemy.  I believe this because, by declaring, “god is on our side,” when her side is so clearly against God’s Word and Commands, Maxine Waters is — essentially — declaring god to be some entity other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  In short, I view her boast as a declaration of allegiance to Satan, and a claim that Satan is god, and not Yahweh.  If this is not blasphemy, I do not know what is.]



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