What’s In ‘The Name?’

This is a subject many believers would do well to study much more carefully than the majority of us do.  I say this because the Bible uses ‘The Name’ to encompass a great deal more than a simple personal pronoun.  It is the all-encompassing term used to describe both Yahweh and the Angel of the Lord: two separate and distinct beings in Scripture.  Yet, ‘The Name’ is simultaneously used to blur this separate distinctions.  In short, it forms the foundation for the Trinity, and it is clearly presented in the Old Testament. However, today, most believers read ‘The Name’ and simply think, “Yahweh,” or “Jesus,” and little more.  Oh, what mistaken understandings this has caused!

If you are a believer, and you do not know and understand what I am saying, and cannot explain why I am speaking Truth, I strongly urge you to buy and read this book:


While you are waiting for it to arrive in the mail, here are the Cliff Notes of what I am trying to share in this post:

The Name of Yahweh and the Angel of the Lord

But the name of Yahweh isn’t just a personal pronoun. In Scripture, the phrase “the Name” actually signifies the presence of Yahweh. “The Name” is personified, and it’s used interchangeably with Yahweh himself. It even blurs the lines between two separate beings: Yahweh and the angel of the Lord.

“The name of Yahweh” as it’s used in the Old Testament plays an important role in Christian theology: it lays the foundation for the Trinity, and God’s incarnation as man in Jesus Christ.

Believers need to understand that — to the Hebrews (and to Yahweh) — the word, ‘name,’ represents so much more than the word by which one is called or known.  It represents the very essence of being and purpose.  This is one reason the Lord has so many Names: because there is so much to His Nature.  He is The Lamb of God, and The Prince of Peace, and The Lion of Judah, but also many, many more — and all are summed up in ‘The Name.’  However, at the same time, ‘The Name’ is Yahweh!  ‘The Name’ speaks to and about both equally!  Therefore, it is imperative that the believer fully understand what Scripture means by ‘The Name!’


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